February 4, 2017

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The Subedar Inder Jit Singh Medico Valley Foundation is coming up with a state-of-the-art multi-speciality 1100 bedded Integrated Medical Campus at Bhind in Madhya Pradesh to prevent, detect, and treat medical conditions at an affordable cost for all. Our focus will primarily be on the rural and urban poor and people who travel a distance in the quest for high-quality treatment. We prevent, detect, and treat diseases to improve healthcare in India and bring it up to western standards.health for Medico Valley

Medico Valley Foundation’s campus in Madhya Pradesh will have ICU’s, emergency wards, and different specialty departments to detect, prevent, and treat a wide range of medical conditions.

This will be the first of its kind such hospital in the vicinity. Madhya Pradesh, the second largest state in India by size, has made rapid progress in recent years. However, the health infrastructure is still lagging behind many other states. People are not satisfied and health services currently on offer. Many people die because of poor facilities.

At the Medico Valley Foundation’s medical campus we will bring together highly qualified medical & nursing staff, best-in-class equipment and exemplary standards of patient care. We will treat with honesty and compassion and provide emotional support wherever needed – the approach is patient-first always. We believe the right emotional support is very important for both the patient and his or her family members.

technology Medico ValleyThe campus will bring together the latest technology and human touch. Advanced medical care needs technology to detect and treat illnesses. Human touch provides assurance, the vital soothing touch to heal the feelings and people from the inside.

India urgently requires many more doctors, nurses, and medical staff members. In a country of 1.252 billion people according to 2013 figures, there are just 938,861 registered allopathic doctors. The doctor-patient ratio is worse in the villages and semi-urban areas. So our services also include setting up schools, colleges, and other institutions to impart the latest medical, paramedical, nursing, and pharmacy training.

educaton for Medico Valley2We will spread awareness on various medical issues in the rural areas by organizing camps, insisting always on early testing as this always leads to a better survival rate. We will also promote the urgent need for both blood and organ donation through these camps and other promotions. We will also spread the message of preventive measures for different health conditions that can reduce the risk drastically. We will promote the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle, show how this can be affordable, and create hope among the different communities.

Our medical clinics and diagnostic centers will help detect health issues accurately and quickly so that the treatment can start as soon as possible.

Our services also include attending and organizing seminars, conferences, workshops and other programs on a range of medical issues so that we can serve the community to the best of our abilities and improve the general state of healthcare and awareness in the state and country. We will further publish journals, bulletins, pamphlets, books, and periodicals to promote healthcare.