February 4, 2017

Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision for Medico Valley

Subedar Inder Jit Singh Medico Valley Foundation will provide high-quality world-class and cost-effective medical intervention to improve the healthcare standards in India, particularly for the poor and marginalized sections of the society through our not-for-profit initiatives.

Our vision at Medico Valley is to bring together the finest medical and nursing staff to prevent, detect, and treat diseases by establishing multi-speciality hospitals, and also maternity homes, dispensaries, diagnostic centers, and nursing homes. We will establish research centers to further the R&D in medical science and bring out new and better cures for illnesses and medical conditions that everyone can afford. We aim to set up schools, colleges, and other institutions to further medical education, and give the country more doctors and well-trained medical staff members. We will also be organizing free medical camps in the rural areas.Mission & Vision for Medico Valley

Our goal is to help Indians, both in the villages and cities from all backgrounds improve the quality of their lives by achieving better health. We aim to remain passionate about each area of healthcare where we operate.

Our guiding principles include excellence & quality, affordability, innovation, honesty & integrity, compassion & caring, and above everything else serving the society to the best of our abilities without any personal interest or profit motive.

The vision of Medico Valley Foundation is to always make decisions that are best for our patients, and we aim to exceed expectations always. We will support all emotional needs wherever required, apart from providing the best healthcare at affordable prices for all.