April 24, 2017

Healthcare Services

Best and Free Healthcare Services by Medico Valley in India

Free & Low-Cost Health Care Facility | Free Clinics | Medical Treatment | Helpline

MVF (Medico Valley Foundation) upcoming plan for human welfare will well reflect the fact that we set the industry standards when it comes to cure, care, and comfort. To deliver World Class Healthcare Facility with a total service focus, by creating an institution committed to the highest standards of medical & service excellence, patient care, scientific knowledge and medical education.

Free medical Facilities in India

Details of Services to be offered in the Hospital

Emergency Medicines: ICU/CCU, casualty, Major OT
General Medicines: Minor OT, consulting rooms, Nursing Stations.
Paediatrics & Neonatology: Nursery, Intensive Neonatal care, Facilities for Anesthesia, Ventilation, incubation
X-ray imaging: Mobile x-ray unit 100 mA for Nursing home and 500 mA x-ray Machine in OPD, CT Scan Machine.
Pathlogy: Histopathology, Haematology, Serology, Microbiology & Biochemistry. 
Gastroenterology: Endoscopy eadmill, Ultrasoud Cardiac Investigation
Physiotherapy: Infrared therapy, Ultra Voilet therapy, Shortwave Diathermy, high-frequency physiotherapy, Traction, stimulation, Theatre: Physical fitness.
Opthalmology: General Surgery
Orthopedics: General Surgery
OTheatre:2 major OTs with facilities for Anaesthesia, Vetilation, Monitoting, Defibrillation and one minor OT in the nursing home.
ICU/CCU : Multi-bed, multi-parameter Monitoring
Gynaecology : Colonoscopy,Laparoscopy & Doppler Foetus Detection,ultrasound abdominal/ob/Gynae Investigation,3 labour rooms, 2 delivery rooms.
ENT: Examination, general surgery, respiration Function screening
Casuality/Emergency : Resucitation
Nephrology : Dialysis

Health and Allied Services

Family Welfare : Contraception, sterllization, immunization and nutrition

Nursing, Paramedical & Allied Services

X-ray, Ultrasound, ECG, Medical Store, Chemist shop, Nurshing, Sterilization , Mortuary, Blood Bank, Laboratoty, Major OTs and Minor OT, Dialysis, Anaesthesiolog, physiotherapy.
Once the hostopital is fully operational, the management will be ableto identify the areas where expansion is required both for existing facilities and services.Additional medical equipments commensurate with the expanded facilities and services will need to be incorporated suitably. These for expansions will be financed through generations from the projected itself.Some of the areas for expansion anticipated are as under.
Dental Services : The department will need to be equipped with a dental x-ray machine & necessary equipments/facilities for dental examination and surgery.
Neurology: Once the operation of the hospital are fully established .It may be necessary to provide EEG & EMG under this department.
Imaging : The existing facilities may need to be augmented with color Doppler and advanced CAT scanner to provide highly sophisticated diagnostic services.An image intesifier system would be necessary for use with 500 ma X-ray system for conditioning fluoroscopic studies.
Capacity : The number of beds may need to be increased in the form of additional module in a separate building appropriately designed/expanded in the same building to cater for increased demand.
OPD: Potential should exist for consider able expansion of this facility.
Opthalmology : In the Ophthaimology department, there will be a need to augment the facilities with A & B scan, an auto refractor, a nd a field analyzer in due course of time.Brief utility of these equipments is given below.
Nephrology : There may also be a requirement to induct an additional single patient’s haemo-dialysis machin subsequently in the Nephrology department.
Medical Lasers : Argon, N d-yag, and CO2 lasers can also be added if found desirable.
Pathology : A computerized auto-analysers may be added in the laboratory for pathological tests.
Gynecology: A foetal monitor for FHR measurement and monitoring of uterine contracting can be added subsequently.

Free organ transplantation in India1) Free organ Transplantation

Medico Valley a non-profit organization works for the Free Transplantation Facility in upcoming time.The Cost of organ transplant varies from one hospital to another, but Medico Valley provides the transplanted organ for free to needy people.

* Heart Transplantation
* Kidney Transplantation
* liver Transplantation
* Thymus Transplantation
* Pancreas Transplantation
* Intestine Transplantation

Free Surgery or operation in MP India

2) Free Surgery or Operation

Medico Valley Foundation is the Best Hospital in Bhind, MP (India) which provides a best and world class free Surgery or Operation.MV foundation provides affordable and emergency medical Services in India for the needy people and mainly for these which comes below the poverty line.

* Heart Surgery
* Children’s Operation
* Eye Surgery
* kidney Operation

free medical camps in India

3) Medical Camps

Medico Valley Organization planning for the Free medical donation camps, struggling to provide basic health services to its people.And this foundation will provide free medical tests for Health check-up, Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Dental check-up and offered counseling & treatment by trained Doctors.

* Blood Donation Camp
* Organ Donation Camp
* Health check-up
* Dental check-up

Integrated Emergency Response Services

We provide the best of medical evacuation and 24/7 free ambulance service in India. We provide retrieval and repatriations of critically ill people and injured to and from India and abroad. Our emergency assistance and medical air ambulance services are managed by highly experienced and qualified personnel 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We have a 24 hours Command and Control Center manned by Doctors to provide advice and assistance to those in need.

This hospital will provide totally Free medical treatment in MP, India to many medical problems if you are poor or do not have sufficient money to treat problem like heart problem brain problem etc you can refer to these hospitals there are  hospitals run by trust you can go and book appointment with doctor everything is free of cost even surgery is totally free you will also get free train ticket for one and half person.please forward this message to needy people.

Give your loved ones the Medico Valley Foundation to help them recover quickly. When it comes to their health, entrust them to a reliable healthcare provider. Free Healthcare Services in the upcoming year with MVF (Medico Valley Foundation) for the needy people and we have been continuously giving them our undivided care and attention to delivering favorable results concerning their health.

Your wellness and health are valued by our Foundation, and we go the extra mile to let you know that we are not just medical professionals, but also a friend. We want you to receive a complete care to help you redeem your independence and continue living a productive life.

Receive quality health care and return to your healthy and happy self.