February 4, 2017

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SUBEDAR INDERJIT SINGH Medico Valley Foundation – Integrated Medical Campus

WHAT IS Subedar Inderjit Singh Medico Valley Foundation?

About Medico Valley Foundation

MFV (Medico Valley Foundation) is the only one of its kind hospital in India that brings world-class healthcare facilities that will make prevention, detection, and treatment accessible to all at an affordable cost.

The health statistics of India will shock you. Just take a look at this.

  • Life expectancy is 67 years, way below many Asian countries.
  • Infant mortality rate and maternal mortality rate is still very high.
  • 60% of India’s children under the age of three years are malnourished, making the country worse off than sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Safe drinking water is scarce.
  • Sanitation facilities are poor.
  • Diseases like hepatitis, tuberculosis, dengue fever, pneumonia, and malaria are making a comeback because of increased resistance to drugs.
  • The government spends crores of rupees on infrastructure development, offering incentives to corporate, and subsidies, the total expenditure on health as a percentage of the GDP is a mere 4.7%.

India needs urgent medical intervention, and not just with a profit motive. Health infrastructure remains largely urban-centric, but even in the cities, the facilities for the poor needs to improve by a great deal.

The Subedar Inder Jit Singh Medico Valley Foundation will aim to correct this. The Foundation will offer its services to the poor for the upliftment of society without the profit motive. Hospitals and clinics with ICU’s and Emergency units will be set up both in the cities and rural areas. There will be a special focus towards the physically challenged, marginalized, and the vulnerable sections of the society.

It’s not just about treating the poor, India needs more doctors as well because the country has just seven doctors per 1000 people. In a country of 1.252 billion people according to 2013 figures, there are just 938,861 registered allopathic doctors. It is worse in the villages. India also requires better doctors who are aware of the latest developments in medical science.

The Medico Valley Foundation will open schools and colleges to train doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals so that the country has a more medical staff to offer timely help to those in need. A state-of-the-art 1100 bedded Integrated Medical Campus with an aim to bring excellent quality healthcare at an affordable cost is already being developed. The multi-speciality hospital will open in Bhind, Madhya-Pradesh. It will have world-class healthcare facilities to prevent, detect, and treat diseases at an affordable cost.

Medico Valley also aims to start dispensaries, maternity homes, and diagnostic centers. There will be research centers as well to find better and more cost-effective cures. India urgently needs to invest a lot more in medical research. The country is lagging behind China, South Korea, and other Asian nations in this.

We want to promote both blood and organ donation in India. For this, public awareness programs are a must. But just this is never going to be enough. There has to be better infrastructure for collecting and storing the units. Medico Valley will contribute in both these areas till the time we come up to the western standards.

India has certainly made some progress since independence. But that is not enough. We will certainly need to do a lot more. Subedar InderJit Singh Medico Valley Foundation is taking every opportunity to improve the general healthcare standards in the country.